Program Chair of SecMT 2022
I am co-chairing Internation Workshop on Security in Mobile Technologies 2022 (SecMT 2022) workshop held in conjunction with the Applied Cryptography and Network Security (ACNS) conference.


New Position
Starting from October 1, 2021, I am an Assistant Professor at TU Delft.
Looking for New Position
I am looking for a new position related to R&D in Computer Security and/or Data Analysis.


Writing about Rust
I plan to devote some time writing about my experience with Rust.
Pip-upgrade Plugin for Pyenv is Released
A plugin to update packages of all or particular pyenv environments is releases.
Our Paper Accepted to ACM TOSEM
Our paper “Fine-grained Code Coverage Measurement in Automated Black-box Android Testing” is accepted to ACM Transactions on Software Engineering and Methodology (TOSEM).


Our Paper Accepted to ACM CODASPY 2020
Our paper “Dissecting Android Cryptocurrency Miners” is accepted to ACM CODASPY 2020.
Demo Paper is Accepted to ACM CCS '19
Our demo paper “SDN-based System to Filter Out DRDoS Amplification Traffic in ISP Networks” is accepted to ACM CCS ‘19.
Talk at the University of Luxembourg (25th June, 2019)
I will be giving a talk on Bitcoin donations to open-source projects at the University of Luxembourg on the 25th of June, 2019.
Talk at NetSoft (25th June, 2019)
On the 25th of June, 2019, Priyanka Dodia is giving the talk on the results of our work on removing amplification traffic in ISP networks.
Migrating to Hugo
I have successfully migrated my personal webpage to the Hugo static generator. I use an awesome theme called hugo-academic.
Dissecting Android Cryptocurrency Miners
We make the pre-print of our paper “Dissecting Android Cryptocurrency Miners” available on
New Endeavor
I am heading back to my native country, Belarus, to start a new company.
Leaving Qatar
Today is my last working day as Scientist in Qatar Computing Research Institute.
Our Paper Accepted at IEEE NetSoft 2019
Our paper “Sorting the Garbage: Filtering Out DRDoS Amplification Traffic in ISP Networks” is accepted at NetSoft 2019.